What is Music Publishing?

Music Publishers look after Copyright that comes into being when Music and Lyrics are written. The main business of Music Publishers is not to look after the recordings that Artists make, but to look after the Music and Lyrics underlying them. So Music Publishers sign up the work of Songwriters, Composers, Lyricists. South Africa’s laws specify that certain rights must be considered whenever anybody uses Music and Lyrics – such as:

Synchronizing to visuals
Using in a campaign

To use Music and Lyrics, you may need a special licence. Refer to our FAQ section for more information.

The Music Publishers’ Association of South Africa :

Here’s a little bit about us. The association:

  1. Exists to protect and further the interests of Music Publishers in South Africa and wherever possible, Sub-Saharan Africa,
  2. Strives to bring to light the importance of music copyright to users, government and the public,
  3. Seeks to raise and maintain the value of music copyrights in the market,
  4. Provides Music Publishers with a collective voice on issues of policy and engagement with music users,
  5. Recognizes that music copyright markets in the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa are unique and seeks to strengthen understanding of these markets within our region and globally,
  6. Maintains healthy relationships with other music copyright organizations in the region, including Collection Management Organizations,
  7. Upskills Music Publishers and provides them with knowledge resources,
  8. Assists in establishing best practise in the Music Publishing industry and monitors adherence thereto,
  9. Promotes diversity in a free market and adapts to changing market conditions.