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Our vision: SAMusic.Org

Use global best practice to create a united music industry body in SA. Learning from the success of UKMusic, our vision is to create an industry-wide body, which will bring artists, creators, managers & labels together, to work on growing & driving the SA music industry.


Policy, Legislation, Regulation & talking (to government) with a united voice.

Our Insight / The industry is talking with a united voice: Contrary to initial views, key players across the music industry are having constructive conversations among each other, about policy, legislation & regulatory issues.

The issue / The right people are not listening: Key players in government – and the DTI in particular – are not aligned with the needs of the music industry.

Our opportunity / Capitalise on the power of the media: The music industry must use the power of its relationships with Creators to influence the government to listen to & engage in discussions about the industry’s needs.


Quotas on local content as a tool for protection / promotion of indigenous culture


Our Insight / Quotas alone can’t ignite true growth: Although quotas help to protect & grow local creators, they are, in fact, masking the true barriers to the industry’s growth, by providing artificial demand.

The issue / The industry must be financially self-generating: The music industry should be proactively addressing the elements that are stunting its growth (e.g. cost of geographic distance) ,to ensure self-generating growth, rather than relying on quotas to hide the deficiencies.

Our opportunity / Develop a mix of multiple solutions to drive growth: Work as an industry, and with government, to develop a synergistic combination of mechanics (beyond quotas) to grow the industry – e.g. funding for creators to overcome costs of geographic barriers.

Quotas should only be used for specific situations, where niche culture/languages require protection.

Capitalise on untapped growth in local TV production, which currently does not include music composition


How do we improve music consumption & production patterns

Our Insight / Most Africans can’t access music legally: Many consumers in the continent cannot afford to buy music legally and can’t access the required infrastructure to download it.

The issue / African music market is too small to be affordable: The high demand for illegal music shows us the immense potential for affordable & accessible legal music. The sheer size of the youth population in African indicates the exponential future growth potential.

Our opportunity / Drive down costs by capitalising on the African reality: Develop bespoke solutions to address the African reality – e.g.:

  • Build a platform designed for Africa: affordable, for the unbanked & can be streamed on mobile phone
  • Create a pan-African touring circuit
  • Regulate & educate intermediaries

Build trust & educate creators to work with the music industry

Our Insight / Creators don’t understand the industry’s true value
Many creators are suspicious of the music industry:

  • They find it confusing, due to language barriers (most communication is not in the vernacular)
  • The “no sharing” nature of the business can be perceived as culturally misaligned in an African context

The issue / Creators are not aligned with the industry’s growth intentions: Rather than capitalising on what the music industry offers them, many creators will develop their own solutions (e.g. sell through pirates) & therefore diminish the industry’s capabilities.

Our opportunity / Find African solutions to unlock barriers & attract artists: Educate creators in their vernacular languages – e.g.

  • Using the national broadcasters across Africa
  • Through roadshows with African creators, providing live examples

Develop digital solutions & apps which are accessible & affordable to African creators

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